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Published by Scoil Mhichil Naofa in Gaeilge · 18/3/2015 15:44:00
Tags: Gaelbhratach

 A new scheme for primary schools, funded by Foras na Gaeilge and organised by Gael Linn. To view this page in Irish use the Google Translate widget at the top of the page.

1.  The Vision

·      To foster respect for the Irish language throughout the school  To foster respect for the Irish language throughout the school
·      To teach the Irish language through the medium of Irish
·      To use the Primary School Curriculum to teach conversational Irish that serves the needs of the children
·      To enable the children to spontaneously use the Irish language they learn in order to communicate with each other, within the school community and with the wider community outside

2. The Scheme

(a)  This is a scheme aimed at mainstream primary schools where the language of instruction is English.  Its purpose is to:
·      Support the work of the teachers following the Conversational Course for the Irish language as laid down by the Department of Education and Skills and which forms part of the School Plan and the daily programme;
·      Encourage use of conversational Irish as a natural part of school life;
·      Ensure certain language functions relevant to school routine, e.g. roll call, lunch, clean up, lining up etc., are agreed in the school plan and used progressively from class to class and from year to year;
·      Promote regular opportunities for the school community, both staff and children, to enhance their vocabulary in Irish and to use the language;
·      Recognise the central role of the parents and encourage their support and participation by keeping them informed about the scheme and by providing material to help them.

(b) A Gaelbhratach will be awarded to be flown by the school to indicate their achievement in the use of Irish language as a living language by both staff and children.
·      Feedback will be sought from time to time so that we can assess progress and ascertain what help is required and what difference or improvement schools have identified.
·      Schools will apply for a Gaelbhratach when they consider that they can demonstrate they have achieved the appropriate goals.
·      Having earned a Gaelbhratach a school will have it for a period of two years. They may then renew it by adding further goals to be achieved.

Throughout these pages we hope through video image and blogs to give a flavour of the activities undertaken in our school to try and attain Gaelbhratach status. Our quest is in its infancy but we are ready willing and eager 

Ceolchoirm Seachtain Na Gaeilge 
Ag céiliúradh seachtain na Gaeilge gach bhlian tá ceolchoirm againn sa scoil. D'oibrigh na  múinteoirí agus no páistí go fíor dian. Seo mar a leanas cúpla físeáin beag ón Ceol SNAG 2015. Tá súil again gur bainigí taitneamh as.

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